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You did not find me by mistake. You want to explore the trajectory of your career, leadership, or business by finding out what’s next.

I believe that this practice may hold the solution to the career and business changes you currently face. Amazing results are truly possible. I know because I’ve seen those results in my clients!

Clarity through a vision for the future is the place to start. Once we define the vision, we can set the strategies and goals that you need to progress.

In your career or business, you are searching for more:

  • Support through career transitions
  • Self-management of your career
  • Greater career or business fulfillment
  • Empowerment and strategic thinking at the Executive level
  • Learning to lead high-performance individuals and teams in corporate or university settings
  • Transformation for your business, department, or team.

As you will see through the client recomendations, my clients . . . 

I offer solutions-focused coaching one on one, group and team coaching, workshops and facilitation, leadership meetings and off-sites, and speaking engagements.

You are looking for results. That’s why I’m here.

Lupe S. Wood MS PCC

Coaching Philosophy

I practice solutions-focused coaching. This means that the focus of our sessions and engagement is on creating solutions and results. We define, upfront, what outcome you want to achieve.

We start by building a Vision. It can be a vision for your business, team, or yourself. What is your vision of the future? What role are you playing in your career? The more specific a vision, the more clarity we will have on how to achieve that solution.

Then we look at the strategies necessary to achieve that vision. Based on where you are now and where you want to be, we may look at gap analyses to determine strategies, but generally, these come to light once you set a robust vision of the future.

Specific goals are derived from the strategies. These are the goals we work to set and support you to achieve.

As Lao-Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Each of these steps will move you into your vision for the future.

And that is the solution to our engagement.

Let me demonstrate the power of coaching and how it can transform your future in a 15-minute free coaching session.

Up Coaching LLC

Career Strategy & Transition

You are thinking about or actively seeking a new career or job, or perhaps you want to better plan and navigate your current situation at work. Let’s make work, less work!

Perhaps you want to stay in your current job but would like help with advancement, promotion, or lateral moves.

I can help you with a strategy for the future and a plan for action now.

Career transitions are all about finding and pursuing your strengths and passion for a job. What do you love to do? Let’s explore this.

Let me help you create a career roadmap plan for the future, putting the management of your career back into your hands. Visit Career Strategy & Transition here.

It starts with a simple 15-minute meeting that can change the course of your career forever. . .

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Leadership can be a true calling, and can call on you to step up your game in so many ways. Some of the keys to being a results oriented leader, at any level of the organization, are to ensure laser focus on the priorities and outcomes.

I can help you put together a strategy for your business or team and set achievement goals. I can also assist you in growing and developing your leadership acumen.

At any level of leadership, the importance of establishing a strategy and employing systems thinking is essential. Coaching can help to facilitate this.

Effective leaders at any level of the organization work toward strong emotional intelligence, effective executive presence, focused communication, and serve as advocates for change. Coaching can help to facilitate this and more. Visit Executive Coaching & Leadership Development here.

It starts with a simple 15-minute meeting that can change the course of your career forever. . .

Business Transformation

Business Transformation can occur within a business, department, division, or team. We define the nature of the transformation that you are looking for and move forward from there.

I can help you put together the foundation that you need to have in place for success. It starts with key factors including Vision, Mission, Strategies, and Goals. Visit Business Transformation here.

In our 15 minute meeting, let me leverage my expertise in business process redesign and transformation for you and your company.

Schedule a Discovery Call

There are few coincidences in life. You have found me at just the right time in your career and business.  I am so glad you decided to take the time to explore what coaching can do for you.

Are you ready to create amazing results in your career, business, and life? Then let’s get started by scheduling a 15-minute discovery call right now.

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