Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

When I was first promoted to leadership, my Vice President had lunch with me in the company cafeteria. As I sat down to my tray lunch, he uttered the words that I will never forget as he shook my hand. He said, “Lupe, welcome to Sales.” (I was in Technology at the time).

Back then, I didn’t understand what he meant, but I do now. In simple terms, leadership really is Sales. You are creating a value proposition and vetting (selling) that with your subordinates, senior leaders, customers, vendors, business partners, etc.

Whether you are an executive in need of greater vision, strategic planning and value proposition creation, or a new leader exploring what it means to lead. All of you can benefit from Executive Leadership coaching. Executive leaders have a source of support through coaching, as they navigate the VUCA business world. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. I can help you to navigate this through strategic focus and planning.

I define leadership as that role of influence and sales. You can be a leader in the organization whether you are titled or not.

Leadership Transformation

We start with a vision for your value proposition creation. What do you want to accomplish? What results are you looking to drive? What is in need of your leadership transformation? Understanding strategic planning and focus is critical in your role. I can work with you to create a vision for your area/company, focus on strategies and strategic planning, and set goals for execution.

The best leaders are emotionally intelligent, outstanding communicators, have an executive presence (no matter if you have just started your leadership journey), and advocate for change. Leaders must also be able to give and receive effective feedback. It’s a constant process of growing your leadership acumen, and coaching from an experienced senior leader coach will make all the difference to your success.

Perhaps, as an Executive leader, you are looking to strengthen your leadership team or provide intervention where needed. I can work with the leadership team to focus on addressing issues and moving forward as an effective team.

It starts with a simple 15 minute meeting that can change the course of your leadership style forever. . .

What I offer:

Solutions focused coaching one on one, team, and/or group. I support team building and strengthening for your leadership group. Consultation where needed. In addition, I offer workshops throughout the year. I am also available for speaking engagements and facilitating workshops or leadership offsites.

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There are few coincidences in life. You have found me at just the right time in your career and business.  I am so glad you decided to take the time to explore what coaching can do for you.

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