Business Transformation

Business Transformation addresses the fundamental change (and creation) of systems, processes, people, or technology across the business unit, department, or team.

Transformation also introduces key performance measurements that demonstrate ongoing improvements in meeting targeted strategies and goals. These goals can include effectiveness, efficiency, delivery rates, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Transformation applies to whatever group or business you may define. It includes looking at key processes and procedures and determining if these support the business effectively. There is also an analysis of the people and systems, and addressing any gaps.

Once systems are stable, the process is to set a robust vision and mission for the future. Setting 5 to 10 year visions, establishing the strategic focus areas, and driving down to execution goals to be tracked and measured.

Key Performance Indicators

I help you to set up KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). What gets measured gets managed. I work with you to establish the metrics for success.

I provide business consultation as well as coaching where needed, at all levels of the organization.

I also provide Organizational Development and Effectiveness tools and practices, including 360 evaluations, team effectiveness, implementing new practices, and helping to define roles and responsibilities.

People assessment and accountability are huge factors…ensuring the right people are in the right positions and instituting accountability goal setting and feedback for progress.

In our 15 minute meeting, let me leverage my expertise in business process redesign and transformation for you and your company.

What I offer:

Strategic focus on key business processes through consultation and coaching. I provide coaching for you and your team to set the vision, strategic focus, and goals for execution. I also offer solutions focused coaching one on one, team, and/or group. I can create workshops and/or facilitate them throughout the year. I am also available for speaking engagements and leadership offsites.

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